about us

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All jewelry are handcrafted with the highest quality materials. To make sure every single piece fits your best desire, we only make it until you place an order.

about sizing

Click here for our three accurate measuring techniques to help you pick the right ring size.

For accuracy, please ensure that PDF is printed at 100%.

about the materials


Gold: Each jewelry piece is created with the best quality material. For instance, 18k solid gold (marked as Au750) is made of 75% of pure gold and 25% of other metals. If you are ordering any fine jewelry piece in 18k white gold colour, it is important to know that we only make nickel-free white gold, so no more allergic reactions!

Silver: We only use 925 sterling silver or higher rated silver for our silver jewelry collection.


Diamonds: Diamonds are renowned for their beauty, which comes from their sharp visual brilliance and sparkle, to which cut, colour and clarity all contribute. We use collection colour diamonds ranging from G-H with a SI clarity to D-F with a VS clarity for the smaller stones. These are top quality stones with brilliant cut to create that sparkling natural shine. For the larger stones, a balance may need to be found between your budget and desire for size while making sure that the cut is excellent so that a very pretty and attractive stone is selected. We also provide GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate when you select a diamond that is greater than 0.5 carat.

Precious coloured stones: Sapphires and rubies are also sought after for their hardness although they are not as durable as diamonds. Emeralds are relatively soft. We hand pick only the best quality of these coloured stones to create our fine jewelry pieces.

about ordering

The process is simple: you browse around, find the piece you love, then place an order with the colour of gold of your choice (unless it's from the 925 sterling silver collection). We will get the exact style and size you ordered handcrafted right away. The wait time is between 4-6 weeks. Once we have your beloved piece made, we will express ship it right to your hands. 

If you are a creative individual and want to design your own jewelry piece, we offer custom made design too. Just shoot us an email with your sketch, one of our designers will contact you and give you a quote. Once the design is finalized, we will take 50% of the final price as a down payment, which will be non-refundable if you change your mind half way through. Once the piece is made, we will email you and settle down the other 50% of the payment, as well as shipping you the custom designed piece right to your hands. 

about shipping

Because we are based in Calgary Canada, we want to embrace our fellow Canadian customers by offering free shipping when you spend more than CAD$100.

And because the United States is our lovely next door neighbour, the shipping fee will be CAD$50 flat.

International customers from the rest of the world, we don't want to leave you hanging, please contact us and let us know where you are located before place an order. 

about tax

All the prices shown are before tax. For Canadian customers, you will be charged with HST or PST on top of GST when you are checking out.

For US and International customers, we will not be charging you additional tax at check out. However, if you encounter customs or tax with the shipment, you will be responsible for that. 

about return

We will gladly take any returns without questions within 14 days after receiving your jewelry. Please ensure the jewelry piece is in its perfect unworn condition. Any returns outside this time frame or the jewelry condition is considered used will not be acceptable.

No returns or exchange for custom made designs.